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“My deepest passion is to see women living purposeful lives”

Invest in yourself and get the support you need to build a fullfiling and happier life.

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Personal Coaching Plan Structure

This plan structure/journey has been designed to cover
every step of your transformation process.


You are consciously aware you must make life changes

Self Assessment

You are digging deep and finding out areas where you need to make radical changes


You are doing the work being consistent and seeing results everyday


Discovering your purpose in life will give you meaning you'll know you true essence and do what you are created to do.

Life Coach

Claudia Flores, Your Career & Personal Growth Coach

  • Pivoted her career to pursue a Life Coaching practice to help women transform their lives and to discover “who they are” and the purpose for which they have been created.
  • Today she helps women discover “Who they are” and “what is their mission in life”.
  • Successful marketing and advertising professional for over 25  years.
  • Has worked as a business and marketing consultant, keynote speaker and University professor.


Benefits of Online Life Coaching

Available Worldwide

Convenience & Flexibility

Safety & Privacy

Recorded Sessions

Claudia Flores, Your Personal Growth Coach

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