Group Coaching Sessions with Claudia.



Group coaching sessions.


We are wired to be socially connected, and sessions with a group of people with similar needs are refreshing and will give you a sense of belonging and connectedness.


Overcome Group Coaching will be an opportunity for you to grow and heal from past hurt. Along with like-minded women, you will be able to have an accountability partner, do the work, and feel whole and happy again.


Sharing your concerns and getting feedback from people who have gone through similar situations will give you hope and a future to look forward to.


This program is for women who have been in toxic relationships and are ready to heal and move on. It is for women who are ready to:

● Release the pain of heartbreak.

● Feel confident, whole, and happy again.

● Clarify their identity and value as a person.

● Discover the wounds that led them to attract toxic relationships.

● Heal those wounds so they are empowered to feel whole and happy again.

The program includes:

● 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching with Claudia.

● 12 group coaching sessions.

● Access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other participants and receive support.

● Assessments, tests, and tools to help you during your journey to a happier you.

● Weekly emails with morning affirmations and journaling prompts.

● 2 group sessions with an art therapy expert.

● You will learn how to release the pain of past toxic relationships.

● You will feel confident, whole, and happy again.

● You will be able to clarify your identity and value as a person.

● You will discover the wounds that led you to attract toxic relationships.

● You will heal those wounds so you are empowered to feel whole and happy again.

● You will connect with other women who have been through similar experiences.

● You will receive support and accountability from Claudia and the other participants in the program.

● You will have the tools and resources you need to heal and move on.

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